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About Ed

© 2022 by Ed Hoffman

Ed Hoffman is a DJ/Producer based in San Francisco, California. While diverse in his repertoire, Ed’s sound is grounded in his ability to bring his distinct flavor of energy to each track he writes, harnessing unmistakable childlike energy that evokes equal parts self-confidence and silliness. It’s that liberating feeling you get when you’ve released yourself from the shackles of expectations, and being able to express your true, inner colors without fear of judgment.


Stylistically, Ed gravitates towards house and techno, however, his love for music has always been as broad as it gets. His music echoes influence from the likes of Artbat, Chris Lake, Lane 8, and Claude Von Stroke, though lately, he finds himself exploring the classic electronic sounds from the 80s and 90s. Ed’s journey into music began at 11, joining his middle school’s band playing jazz and classical. However, it wasn’t until college where he discovered the underground electronic music scene in NYC. It was here where he was finally able to call music ‘home’.


As a self-taught electronic producer, Ed eschewed any formal training, instead opting to learn through various online courses from Justin Jay (Fantastic Voyage) and Toolroom Records. He’s since come into his own as a producer, built up his confidence as an artist, and built a community of like-minded people across the globe. For Ed, community is half of the equation, and what drives him to inspire and help as many future artists to also pursue their dreams.


Ed is currently sitting on a strong discography of singles and releases that can be accessed via his Spotify. He’s released music on Fantastic Voyage, Data Transmission, OFDM, Bomb Ass House, Schmuzik Records and Wildcard Records. He’s had the opportunity to play across the United States, including in San Francisco, Pittsburg, North Carolina, Philadelphia and LA. Ed also runs a monthly radio show, which is syndicated on Data Transmission, called ‘House of Ed’.

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